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Here is the secret to making weight loss easy. Most people when asked why they want to lose weight, they answer because they want to feel more confident, or feel more successful, or love themselves more, or be more sexy.

Well, the secret is this. Whatever you want from losing weight, BE THAT NOW! I can’t emphasize this enough. And it really is that simple.

Be that person now, the person you think you will be as a result of losing weight, be that person NOW and watch how easy it is to keep to your diet and exercise plans. You have to really get into it.

be your true self and lose weight

Suppose you want to feel more confident. Be confident now. Do whatever it takes to feel confident now. Be like when you were a kid and pretended to be a fairy princess or superman. Really take on the new identity and you will be able to easily keep to your diet and exercise plans.

I know. I lost 50 pounds doing this. Even lost 5 pounds over the holidays.

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