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About Me

Weighing In At 300lbs
After 50lb Weight Loss

First, a little about me so that you know that I do know what I am talking about. I am 66 years old and have for years, no, decades been trying to lose weight. All the while my weight kept going up and up, reaching nearly 300 pounds a few years ago. And that on a 5ft 8in frame, no less! Also I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes several years ago.

I’ve always tried to lose weight ever since high school, but it was always a struggle.  Losing a few pounds and then gaining it back plus a few more.  It was always an internal struggle.  Going off my plan, getting back on, over and over.  Trying to use lots of will power.  Succeeding for a short time, then blowing it on cookies or pizza.  I am sure you know the drill.

It was not until I adapted a new way of thinking, a new state of being that I like to call my “True Self” that my weight loss efforts were and are successful. Not only that, I would say they are easy. Weight loss, as of the date of writing this (Sept 15, 2015) is 50 pounds. And it just keeps coming off at the rate of almost 3 pounds per week. Now, before you think that you can just sit on the couch and eat what ever you want and my different way of thinking will enable you to lose weight, no!

I do put in the required effort. I stick to a meal plan which I will reveal in the posts of my web site and I go to the gym and I go out and walk twice a day.

When I say easy, what I mean is that since adapting this way of thinking and being, I never once have experienced any internal struggle on whether or not to eat something. Never once have I gone off my eating or exercise plan. Never once have I had to use will power to make myself do what I need to do. I do not use will power anymore! I just effortlessly and easily do what I need to do, day in and day out, feeling good about it!

This site is all about how to achieve your “True Self”.  Once in a while, I will write about my exercise and eating plan.  But that won’t be the focus of this site because the most important thing is establishment of your “True Self”.  From that place you can easily accomplish your weight loss goals!