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Bulletproof Diet

People are always asking me what diet I follow. So reluctantly I tell you I follow a modified form of the Bulletproof Diet.

I say reluctantly because I want you to understand that there is no magic in this diet. It does work, well. However, like any diet, it can get tedious, boring, and you will have thoughts of skipping it. The magic is staying true to your True Self.

When I first discovered this diet, I followed it to a tee, but found after a few weeks, it did not work for me. So I dug in and since I knew it was a form of a ketogenic diet, I investigated ketogenic diets. I discovered, that being Type II diabetic, I had to limit my intake of carbs even more than what Bulletproof says.

So I invite you get make sure you are thoroughly and deeply identified with your True Self and fully immersed in that and then from that place read over the Bulletproof Diet to see if it is right for you. And make any decisions about following this diet from a place of your True Self.