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Deep Trance Identification

Deep Trance Identification (or DTI for short) is a hypnotic process that can be used to take on the qualities of another person.

Suppose you are a golfer and you would like to play gold like Tiger Woods. What you could do is read all about him and watch all the vidoes of him playing golf. In short really get immersed in Tiger.

Then a hypnotherapist could take you through a hypnotic trance where your subconscious mind would be instructed to take on certain positive qualities of Tiger Woods. In the trance you would be told what qualities to take on and what qualities to avoid. This is deep trance identification!

Then after the trance is finished, out on the gold course you would find yourself playing more like Tiger Woods.

Now what does deep trance identification have to do with losing weight and your true self you might ask?

If there is someone out there who has qualities that you want as your true self, you can do a DTI with that person. The fact that you identify those qualities as ones that you want for yourself means they are already inherit within you on some deep level. So, doing DTI will help you get in touch with those qualities and bring them forth right now. Which isw a good thing, because I keep saying that the way to making losing weight easy is to deeply identify right now with the person you think you are going to be after losing the weight.

Shortly I will be making a DTI induction that you can use to take on the qualities of someone that exemplifies your true self. It will be made freely available to subscribers. So hold onto your hat!