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Discover Your True Self

What follows is a simple discussion on how to discover your True Self. This discussion relies on you having read the report, “How to Easily Lose The Weight”.

Find a time and place where you can sit back and relax with no interruptions or distractions.  Turn off the phone. Leave word with anyone nearby that you are not to be disturbed.

Now, sit back and relax.  Get really comfortable.  Let go of all the worries and concerns of the day. Go inside and attend to your breathing – letting it slow down and relax.

Once you are in a relaxed meditative state, imagine yourself out in the future, having lost all the weight you want to lose. Imagine yourself having that slender body.  For some of you, if you have a little weight to let go of, it will be a few months into the future.  For others with more weight to let go of, this can be many months into the future, 12 months or more.

Now, while in that state, imagining yourself having lost the weight, ask yourself, “how would you be as a person, having lost the weight”? “Who are you” or “who are you being” as a person who has lost all the weight. Really get into imagining what it is like having lost the weight and asking yourself these questions. Because the answers to these questions are your True Self.