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F. E. A. R – False Evidence Appearing Real

Today I am going to explain a little about the metaphysics behind my approach to weight loss. As you know, from having read the report on easy weight loss, it all follows from discovering and living your True Self.

It is my belief that each one of us, at our core, is pure spirit with infinite potential. As pure spirit, you can create anything in the material world that you desire. The mechanism for creating in the material world is the use of your thoughts. In other words, you as spirit, bring forth into reality, into the world of form, whatever you think about.

This is possible because the material world is also spirit, but of a much more dense form. You can think of the material world, your body, as an expression of your thoughts slowed way down into a dense solid form.

Now, one of the interesting differences between pure spirit and the material world is that something in the spirit world can change in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye. Where as, changes to the world of form, your body for instance, happen much more slowly. That is because your body is more dense.

So after discovering your True Self and living from it, and having thoughts of a slender body, you may notice that your body does not change quite so quickly. Even though your body is an expression of your thoughts.

So, while you are living from your True Self and having thoughts of a slender body, you can think of the current state of your body as False Evidence Appearing Real. The body appears very real. But it is false evidence. As long as you remain identified with and live from your True Self, your body will slowly start to change to reflect your current thinking.