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How To Identify With Your True Self

As you hopefully already know, if you’ve read through some of the other posts there, is that the secret to being able to easily lose weight is to discover what state of being you think you are going to get out of losing weight and incorporating that state of being right now at the start into your identity. Here are a few tips and techniques on how to identify with your true self right now.

Have some things around your living space that remind you of your true self identity. For instance, the screen saver on my computer uniquely shows me and reminds me of my true self. Every time I look at my computer I see it and am reminded of my true self and it is a chance for me to say to myself, “yes that really is me!” When I identify with what I see on my screen saver, it is easy to carry out my diet plans.

I have a wooden sculpture on a book case that really says it all for me and reminds me of my true self.

If you are a person who is always holding a cup of coffee, get a coffee cup that shows something on the side that reminds you of your new identity.

You can also get yourself some sort of talisman. This can be some sort of small object (ring, stone, amulet, charm) that you carry around with you at all times to remind you of your true self. I have a small red thread tied around my left wrist that is always visible and reminds me of my true self and when I identify with that, it is easy for me to make the right diet and exercise decisions.

You can make a vision board. Just cut out pictures from various magazines and paste them on a bulletin board that you can hang on the wall. The pictures should remind you of your true self.

I hope these suggestions are helpful and also serve to help you come up with your own ideas. Of course, the real secret in any of these reminders of your true self is that you need to deeply identify with your true self right now, today, and not wait until you have lost the weight to be your new self. Identify with the true self now and watch how easy it is to make the right decisions around diet and exercise.

If I can be of any help to you with any of this, go to the Contact Me page and let me know. I provide coaching in weight loss.