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Identify With Your True Self

This post follows along after this Discover Your True Self.

So once you are in your hypnotic meditative state, getting into the feelings of how it is to be someone who has lost the weight, when ready, you can allow yourself to come back to the present moment, here and now, and (this is really important) bring with you into the now, into the present moment, all the feelings and ways of being of the person who has lost the weight.

In other words, after you discover who you are as the person who has lost the weight, bring that state of being back into the present moment.

Perhaps, an example will help here.

Take, Joe, who wanted to lose 50lbs. I had him in his imagination, go into the future and imagine what it is like to have lost the weight. And I asked him, “Who would you have to be to have done that, to have lost the weight”? What came out was incredible. He said to have lost the weight, he was very confident, powerful, and in charge. He felt self assured. I had him really imagine being those feelings, those states of being.

Then I had him come back to the present and bring those feelings and states of being into his present. You see, those states of being, of being confident and powerful, and self assured are his True Self. And the more I helped him identify with that, right now and not wait until after he lost the weight, the easier it was for him to lose the weight.