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First and foremost, this site is a tremendous resource of information.  Soon I will be offering various products to help you discover and establish yourself in your True Self, so that weight loss becomes very easy.  I will also be offering Weight Loss coaching. Stay tuned.

The Blood Sugar Solution” by Mark Hyman, M.D. is a remarkable book that shows you how the food industry is rigged against you.  It shows that foods are made in such a way as to be addictive.  Sure, some addiction is a psychological issue, but a lot of addiction is a very real physiological issue that needs to be dealt with by choosing different foods to eat.

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers” by David Permutter, M.D. is a book similar to the one above.  It shows how you become physiologically addicted to eating the wrong foods.  It is not all in your head!